Menopause Causes Cholesterol Jump, Study Shows


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FRIDAY, Dec. 11, 2009 ( — Doctors have known for years that a woman’s risk of developing heart disease rises after menopause, but they weren’t exactly sure why. It wasn’t clear whether the increased risk is due to the hormonal changes associated with menopause, to aging itself, or to some combination of the two.

Now, we have at least part of the answer: A new study shows beyond a doubt that menopause, not the natural aging process, is responsible for a sharp increase in cholesterol levels.

This seems to be true of all women, regardless of ethnicity, according to the study, which will be published next week in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

“As they approach menopause, many, many women show a very striking increase in cholesterol levels, which in turn increases risk for later heart disease,” says the lead author of the study, Karen A. Matthews, PhD, a professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Over a 10-year period, Matthews and her colleagues followed 1,054 U.S. women as they went through menopause. Each year the researchers tested study participants for cholesterol, blood pressure, and other heart disease risk factors such as blood glucose and insulin.

In nearly every woman, the study found, cholesterol levels jumped around the time of menopause. (Menopause usually occurs around age 50 but can happen naturally as early as 40 and as late as 60.)

In the two-year window surrounding their final menstrual period, the women’s average LDL, or bad cholesterol, rose by about 10.5 points, or about 9%. The average total cholesterol level also increased substantially, by about 6.5%.

Other risk factors, such as insulin and systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading), also rose during the study, but they did so at a steady rate, suggesting that the increases–unlike those for cholesterol–were related to aging, not menopause. Of all the risk factors measured in the study, the changes in cholesterol were the most dramatic.

The jumps in cholesterol reported in the study could definitely have an impact on a womans health, says Vera Bittner, MD, a professor of medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who wrote an editorial accompanying Matthewss study.

“The changes don’t look large, but given that the typical woman lives several decades after menopause, any adverse change becomes cumulative over time,” says Dr. Bittner. “If somebody had cholesterol levels at the lower ranges of normal, the small change may not make a difference. But if somebody’s risk factors were already borderline in several categories, this increase may tip them over the edge and put them in a risk category where treatment may be beneficial.”

In a first, the study did not find any measurable differences in the impact of menopause on cholesterol across ethnic groups.

Experts have been unsure how ethnicity may affect the link between menopause and cardiovascular risk, because most research to date has been conducted in Caucasian women. Matthews and her colleagues were able to explore the role of ethnicity because their research is part of the larger Study of Womens Health Across the Nation (SWAN), which includes substantial numbers of African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American women.,,20326394,00.html

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The Importance of Educational Games For Kids

The United States has fallen behind recently in the world when it comes to education. It seems that maybe we have too many distractions. Many other countries consider the western world to be a place for excess electronics and other fringe benefits. With that being said, we are seen as slackers and all about fun. Well in that case, why can’t we use games to help us regain our advantage.

Normally,people think that games are playthings that can simply entertain babies. While this is particularly true, educational games for babies are actually crucial in enhancing development. Normally, older children play with different gadgets during their spare time. However, the case of babies are special since they need a lot of stimulation that provides them normal development.

If babies would be assisted in getting familiar with their environment they can become more confident as they grow up. Although baby stores are filled with many kinds of games that can entertain babies, a smart parent should understand first the importance of educational games for babies. Why do we have to choose well when buying educational games for babies? Read and understand more.

Physical   Development

Babies hands are quite small so the ideal way to prepare them for holding objects is by giving them building blocks. Building blocks help babies enhance their fine and gross motor skills by grasping and holding objects. Small objects like wooden blocks can be stacked that promotes better hand eye coordination. As baby’s motor skills increase, he may be able to assist himself using utensils or prepare him for writing using a pencil.

 Brain Development

Parents should get educational games for babies that promotes learning. There are soft books made of cloth or plastic material that babies can browse.Normally, babies books should be colorful, show shapes and sizes that can help him learn later. There are also baby books that have smooth and rough surfaces ideal for tactile stimulation. Beads can help babies differentiate color, shapes and sizes as well.

Language Development

Babies normally learn language although parents can play a big role in widening their children’s vocabulary. Besides, babies who have more interaction through language become more confident in expressing themselves. Educational games for babies that assist them in learning to speak are stuff toys that can say utter words like Elmo talk as well as baby telephones that produce emit different sounds.

Educational games for babies play an important role in development so make sure you get the right ones. When you take the time to incorporate things that kids are already interested in it makes it easier to help them boost their understanding.

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The Four Pillars The Childhood Obesity Program

michelleobamachildhoodobesityThe American first mom Michelle Obama has decided to address a disturbing issue on American child health through her Let’s move’ program. The fact that the child obesity has tripled over the last 30 years in America is an alarming tread that requires immediate attention. The medical reports are showing that for every 3 kids in America one is obese or overweight. Popularly known as the Michelle Obama childhood obesity program, the Let’s move” program that is aimed at reverting this tread. The first lady is very committed and she has vowed to ensure that American coming generations will be healthy enough for the service of this nation. To achieve this, here are the four pillars that Let’s move’ program is based on the four core requirements below.

Educating Parents

Information is power and this pillar is likely to make more impact on this program. Let’s move’ aims at providing parent with necessary information and tools that will improve their children’s nutritional quality in their diets. Remember that obesity and being overweight is as a result of bad eating habits and this can only be tackled by informing the parent of what is healthy for their children. The program is counting American Academic of Pediatrics to help them on implementing this especially on food packaging label and also on kids TV programs like NBC and Disney.

Getting Healthier food in schools

Going direct to the kids on the ground is another way that will create a direct impact that this program is aiming at. Majority of the kids are in school and this is the best place from where this problem can be tackled from. By providing the schools with the correct diet then the children will have direct access to the healthy meals. Further the government is pushing for $10 billion increase in funding to improve the nutritional quality of the schools’ meals over the next ten years. The plan will see more kids sign up for this and it will be huge boost to first lady’s childhood obesity program in realization of its goals.

Improvement of healthy food accessibility and affordability

It’s a fact that more than 23 million Americans live in food desert’ where they cannot access big store to get a variety of healthy diets. This is one factor promoting bad eating habits and the effects can be seen on children. The First lady has decided to address this issue by including a $400 million initiative that will see grocery store and marketers relocate to these food deserts’. This will definitely improve the accessibility of a variety of health diet to the local.

Physical Activities

This is the fourth pillar that will specifically deal with physical exercise. Remember that even if the kids are well fed, without some physical exercises the program may never make an impact. The Let’s move’ initiative will diversify the physical exercises to ensure that they have accommodated all kids. They are planning to partner with all the sport leagues from WNBA, NFL, NBA and also soccer to achieve this. 

These are the four pillars that outline the Michelle Obama childhood obesity program and it will be a total success. She is very committed and with the backing of Mr. President, this program will have a positive effect on American child.

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Pros Of Health Care Reform

healthreformThe health care act that was put in place not so long ago came as a landmark benefit among people. It is important to note that the number of deaths not only in US but the world at large is attributed to lack of best health care. Some, people are less privileged hence cannot afford to pay for best heath care. Some are limited by some factors which are simply inevitable. However, with the Health Care Reform, things have changed remarkably.

It is believed that in the next few years, the mortality rate will have reduced remarkably, thanks to the health care reform. Additionally, budgetary limitations among the less fortunate will be narrowed down. This will in return give every person the privilege of enjoying their medical care rights.

Here are the main pros of health care reform:

Affordable Health Insurance- The truth is that most people live without insuring their health. This is majorly triggered by the chain of limitations that come with insurance application. However, with the help of Health Care Reform, it is possible for people to afford medical care insurance. This coverage may cover unconventional issues such as erectile dysfunction but probably will not cover the purchase of  penile pumps or extenders for example.

It is believed that 32 million Americans will be in a position to enjoy the health insurance benefits. This will in return reduce the mortality rates in the country. Note that even low-income earners can afford to pay for insurance. This is certainly one of the biggest pros of Health Care Reform.

Efficiency In Hospitals- It should be noted that inefficient operations in hospitals is one of the prime drawbacks in the health sector. The inefficiency is caused by poor facilities including the necessary equipment. However, this will no longer be a problem, thanks to the Health Care Reform. It might interest you to know that the act allocates health facilities a 23% share of the budget to help in renovating medical facilities. Note that this involves even replacing of equipment with better ones. This is certainly a great relief among health seekers since the inefficiency they faced before will be reduced.

Any Person Can Get an Insurance Cover- Unlike in the past, medical insurance companies will be left with no choice other than accepting everyone. This is because the exclusion conditions that existed before are no longer included in the reform. 

In addition, limitation on coverage is no longer in existence. Note that insurance companies could offer coverage to people based on merits. Consequently, most people were locked out of the insurance benefit. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. For cosmetic issues there is still a possibility of being denied. Men with issues that are related to sexual performance can visit for some natural solutions.

Extended Children/Parent Insurance Policies- It is important to note that children are allowed to hold onto their parents’ insurance policies until they hit a certain age. It seems that the Health Care Reform has ruled in favor of both children and parents with regard to insurance policies. It is now possible for parents to involve children in their insurance plans until the reach the age of 26 years. This was never the case before the Health Reform Act was put in place. Important to note, the benefit is also subject to children who are studying or married provided they fall below 26 years.

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Medical Insurance FAQ’s


While medical insurance is considered something very common among people, not all know how it operates. It is of utmost essence to understand the core things about medical insurance especially since it is now a government requirement to have insurance. Learning more about insurance really important because the whole concept is pretty wide and might to some point can be confusing.

The bottom line is that health insurance is very important for any person. This is because the world economy keeps deteriorating hence subjecting people to poverty. However, with health insurance, you will face no problems with medical finances. Needless to say, your health comes before any other thing.

medical insurance questions

Here are the basic medical insurance FAQ you should understand:

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is basically a mutual agreement between the insurer and the insured. The agreement subjects the insured party to full or partial payment of medical bills depending on the terms of agreement. However, the insured party has to contribute regular premiums to the insurer for benefits to be enjoyed when need arises.

Does Health Insurance Involve Beneficiaries?

Yes! Any person who is applying for a health insurance cover can include a number of beneficiaries. However, the beneficiaries must be directly related to the applicant. For instance, a father can include his wife and children in a medical insurance contract. This means that the beneficiaries can use the applicants insurance to their benefit. However, there comes a time when children are no longer subjects to their parents’ insurance. This happens when they hit the set age which is usually 26 years. 

Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

The problem with most people is that they snub the importance of health insurance. They always wonder on the benefits that come along with the whole deal. Others consider it to be a game of the rich. It is important to note that medical insurance is very vital for any person. In fact, it is advised that each person should have the cover.

It is quite obvious that any human is bound to fall ill at one point or the other. It is also clear that medical bills can be too high for you to handle alone. In this regard, there is every need to have a helping hand in such a situation.

Can I Buy Medical Insurance Online?

Yes you can! There are a couple of health insurance companies which offer services both offline and online. In most cases, such companies are global. All you need is to create an account with them and apply for an insurance cover from there. Payment of premiums will also be done via the same medium. Note that there are online banks which can help you do the payments.

Does Medical Insurance Covers Cosmetic Surgery?

Medical insurance  generally will cover most surgeries but when it comes to cosmetic surgery such as breast implants, liposuction or      botox, it will not cover. The only time medical insurance may include beauty related issues is when the issue is related to diseases. For example someone with facial scars due to fire might be able to qualify for medical coverage. But for the most part skin conditions or beauty related issues are not covered. If you need natural cures facial scars not cause by acts of mother nature you can visit

However, it is very important to be very cautious when dealing with a medical insurance company online. This is because some may not be legit. In fact, you might end up losing your hard earned money when you deal with untrustworthy companies. The company you deal with should be able to serve you in the best way. It should also carry a very reputable image to ensure that you are on the safe side.

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Internet Entrepreneurs Must Pay Taxes Too

internet marketers tax ruleMany internet entrepreneurs find themselves quite confused when it comes to paying the taxes on what they have earned. Some of them even believe that they do not have to pay taxes since it is so difficult for the government to track them. Other internet marketers simply refuse to recognize this obligation.

The truth is simple, everyone who earns money has to pay their taxes. All of the money that you earn through your Internet Marketing projects and services is considered income. This income is not exempt just because you made it on the internet. So, yes, you do have to pay taxes on the money you make with Internet Marketing and your taxes are going to be a little bit more complicated than they were when you were someone else’s employee. This article should help you get the facts you need.

What Are Quarterly Payments?

Quarterly payments is when you decide to pay quarterly of what you expect to make for the year. If you chose this option before, you were required to send them in quarterly. Now there is no prescribed time demanding a payment. It may be a wise idea to run this past an IRS agent, and then be sure to maintain exact records and you should have no problem when it comes to making out your annual tax papers. You could get lucky and have paid them more than you should have and get compensated for it!

What Is The Three To Five Rule

The government has broken down internet marketers into 3 categories. These categories are freelancers, entrepreneurs and sole proprieters. The general feeling of the IRS is that these people will probably make money no less than three out of each five years they are in business on the internet. If you consistently show a loss or no profit; the IRS will be looking into your business. If you are able to keep clear and concise records of your income and expenditures, you should have no issues if the IRS should decide to have a look. It is not a good idea to try and be sneaky when reporting your income; you may face a very negative penalty as a result.

Saving money for your retirement is extremely important if you are in the internet marketing arena! Your retirement fund is the key to being content at an older age, even if Internet Marketing is how you intend on earning your income. If you have the right ones you will possibly be able to diminish the amount of tax you will be liable for at the same time as you are securing your future. An IRA will give you a substantial tax deduction.

You should talk to your accountant or a representative at the IRS to figure out what kind of retirement account and fund you should open for yourself. This helps you take care of your tax responsibility and prevent you from having to work for the rest of your life. 

Some marketers struggle to make money online so therefore they are more reluctant to follow tax rules. This circumstance makes it understandable as to why so many internet marketers would like to stay voluntarily unknowing when it comes to these circumstances. Actually, if you are meticulous with your records and are up on current tax information, you should have no problems.

Remember, not paying your taxes when you have earned money online may proof to be a huge error.  You may find yourself  having to pay penalties later or even worse facing jail time. Taxes are not as daunting as they may seem; take your time and figure that for every year you do them, you will be that much more ready for the life of your business.

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social media police

Social Media Growth May Require Goverment Intervention

social crime stoppersTechnology has grown in leaps in bounds over the past 10 years. This has been especially apparent when it comes to the internet. A few years ago the local news was responsible for delivering the top stories of the day, recently however, breaking news stories are being delivered through social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is also plays an important role on whether someone gets fired or hired for a job. There has been many instances where employers may check an applicants social pages in the hiring process or just for monitoring their personalities. This great infatuation with social media has also made it a playground for many predators and pedophiles.

While the giants of social media are more strict about their guidelines, there are other social sites that are pretty relaxed. Websites like have platforms where people can meet randomly without much security at all. Recently there has been an increase in cases where social media was the platform for robberies, rape and even murder.

This random incidents have not been isolated to just the random chat roulette sites, they originate from a variety of social sites. The ease in which anybody can create an account anonymously does provide a deterrent for predators looking for the right opportunity. Whether their intentions are robbery, underage sex, or quick hookups, it can easy be done from any public computer.

As of 2014, there is not any government that I know of  that addresses these issues. In the near future however, I believe that some type of law will have to be created to make it more harder for potential criminals to be able to create accounts on these social websites. A logical solution would be to at least require anyone registering for these sites to upload identification at least.

Additionally, a registration process that requires a manual review should be implemented for all social networking sites. There should also be age limits for social sites that keep minors from interacting with adults. Some sites have already adopted this concept creating teen only sites similar to Facebook, but there has to be more strict requirement across the board.

In Philadelphia a  man soliciting for sex ended robbing and raping another man after casually meeting on an online gay community. This goes to prove that these incidents are not just reserved for women and children. Predators are using the online arena to target men, women and children alike. Politicians must put on their thinking cap now before this becomes the norm. While these online communities are great for meeting and staying connected with friends and family, they still need to be policed  like regular neighborhood communities.

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